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Date: 03/25/03

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Dear At and Fellow OrgLearners,

If my High School memory serves me right, I recall that the father of
English Literature, Geoffrey Chaucer (1343 -1400) once wrote;

"Gladly wolde learne, gladly wolde teache."

The above was inscribed on a plaque attached to one of our High School
buildings named after him in his honour. This inscription together with
the words of our High School song (sung to the tune of Men of Harlech) has
been part of my learning ethic since my school days. Three lines from the
latter were:

"... Some may may have a yearning,
for a higher learning,
some love more the plane and saw ..."

Which brings me to my point. Those of us who are on a lifelong learning
journey are helped by various means. Not all learning opportunities are as
well packaged as the site:

Thank you very much At for providing such an opportunity, you have made my
journey a little easier. I hope it has done the same for others. In terms
of the third line, thankfully I have self taught myself to do a lot of
handy jobs around our marital home.

Best wishes to you all.

Kind regards,
Glebe Stcherbina

Thank you very much At for providing one of those learning opportunities.

AM de Lange wrote:

> Here is a nice site with many valuable references of learning.
> < >


Glebe Stcherbina <>

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