Learning from failure LO30026

From: Don Dwiggins (d.l.dwiggins@computer.org)
Date: 03/29/03

Hanching writes in LO29950:
> Here some of us try to learn some Lessons From Failure ( a Japanese Book)
> and Learning Through Failure: The Strategy of Small Losses by Sim B Sitkin
> (Research in Organization Behavior, Vol. 14) or Dr Deming's
> plan-do-study-act cycle.

For more lessons from failure, I recommend Henry Petroski's book "To
Engineer is Human: The Role of Failure in Successful Design", and the more
recent "Design Paradigms: Case Histories of Error and Judgment in
Engineering". Petroski's writing gives an excellent sense of the human
side of engineering.


Don Dwiggins "Unless you fail at more than 10% of the things you try, d.l.dwiggins@computer.org you aren't trying enough things." -- Jack Cohen, coauthor of "The Collapse of Chaos"

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