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From: Gijs Houtzagers (gijs@houtzagers.com)
Date: 03/30/03

Dear list,

Just been discussing with my wife the topic of power and virtual
I would like to get some feedback on the following that I saw in various
organizations who tried to set up something that looked like knowledge

...By using ICT (Information and communication Technology) for setting up
knowledge systems for retrieval of data, information and knowledge the
knowledge worker was told to give up his/her power on his/her extrinsic
knowledge within these systems to a new partner, the ICT department who
produced a set of rules and regulations how to behave working with the
retrieval systems. The result is that the knowledge worker seeks other
coalitions to create a political environment that will enable him/her to
create workarounds or even cooptate some of the ICT department (those who
are responsible for the management of the system.

What do you think?

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