The Provocative Opinion (PO) LO30035

Date: 04/02/03

Replying to LO30015 --

Greetings Everyone:

I am a lover of PO -- in fact a fan of many of the tools that Edward de
Bono has put forward. My experience is that all three of his "modes" of
PO are quite useful when skillfully facilitated and intentionally used.
They do bring about a bit of a "creative strain" in folks, and I have
found it helpful to be able to coach folks through their initial
discomfort of the unfamiliar: trying to use random juxtapositions, making
and moving from intentionally provocative statements, and such.

How about we try moving forward from the following provocative statement
about LOs . . . . .

"From the moment he or she arrives, a person need never know they are
actually part of a Learning Organization."

How might this be brought about?



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