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From: e2jasonsmith@canada.com
Date: 04/04/03

Replying to LO30054 --

Hi Folks:

> I seem to meet a lot of people (including engineers)
> who don't know how to flowchart a process.

Lots of people don't think visually. Some people like Use Case Models, or
step-by-step written instructions. Others use more complex diagramming
formalisms. My favourite is stock-and-flow diagramming because I can
simulate and calibrate my model with Vensim.

> How can an IT person write a program to control a
> process if it isn't flowcharted by a person familiar
> with it?

The folks in the world of Agile Modelling discuss this often. The best
process modelling technology is speech.

> How can a
> quality manager write an operating procedure for an
> unflowcharted process?

Iteratively. You write it, try it out, and fix it at the point of
failure. Repeat. :-)

> I suggest this business of using computers as the
> 'golden bullet' seems to
> leave a lot to be desired. There is an old saying -
> 'garbage in, garbage
> out'.

Lots of garbage appears in poorly-constructed flowcharts, too.

Jason Smith <><



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