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From: ACampnona@aol.com
Date: 04/05/03

Dear Dennis,

Have you ever stepped toward a prison, Dennis?

Take a sheet of thinnest grade A4 paper, written on with Times New Roman
black ink, about 12 point. Look at it by holding it up to the light at
half an arms length... after an indeterminate while;-)... turn it over.
Look. In so doing, doesn't the writing-as-writing look more beautiful,
more watery, arabesque? Relieved of the prison of familiarity and habit
the eye perceives a tiny, subtle and masked or hidden grace. Try unlocking
that 'free-energy' by looking at the writing the right way round -
undoable ;-)

No Cross - No Crown

'We know more than we think we do,-' Jo Farrow, Quaker

Peace and Power

Re IN Forced

...the many coloured grace of God, comes to mind -

Day with a White Mark, CS Lewis
- 'a very ordinary day, when vexations of many kinds threatened to disturb
his equilibrium, yet in spite of it all he found himself'... 'tossed and
whirled in a preposterous happiness, Reason told him his mood was
unreasonable;' - "Yet, I - I could have kissed the very scullery taps, the
colour of my day was like a peacock's chest...(he recognises the value of
unpredictability) who knows if it will ever come again, now the day closes?
No one can give me or take away that key. All depends On the elf, the bird
and the angel. I doubt if the angel himself; -) is free to choose when
suddenly heaven In man begins or ends."

Nothing of the 'art' I have sent you remains, not in this world anyway,
not as a concrete original work. They are very minor things Dennis,
compared to your birds. When I have made it, the work, whatever form and
content it takes ;-) I feel like Jo...a sense of the vivid gift of life,
that something might arise out of rags of paper and shredded thoughts and
feelings and for a moment cohere. For a while, and as for Jo's 'visions'
too it seems, there is the sense that there is no need to make any more.
As days pass one realises that the creativity in it's packeted form and
content is like light itself, a moment for a particular time and moves
onward and never backward. So, for Jo -inclined to depression- she
rehearses her lines and realises that, "- this day is the everyday that
the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it."

Dennis, I just looked up and saw an angel fly across the blue vault.
Where's she going?


> My advice to him was to truly learn the system. I advised that when he
> was truly aware of how the system could be used positively for all
> concerned, he would have the confidence to awaken the dying spirit in the
> automaton manager willing to use his shoulders to climb to another level.
> When I left that control room, in my mind his spirit, like mine, was
> soaring the skies like the endangered native New Zealand Hawk - oh that
> someone find a way to ensure it continues to grace our skies.
> So Andrew, a picture of muddy water and emotional intelligence perhaps?
> (hopefully one I can understand ;-)



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