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From: ACampnona@aol.com
Date: 04/06/03

Dear Dwig,

Well, it has taken a long time, but here are the contextual words for the
words you attributed to me in your learningful work, that you sent me some
time ago, for which many thanks.

I like very much what it expresses.

The word community has three essential elements. The suffix is "ity"
meaning an entity in which or through which energies manifest or develop.
The prefix is "com" which refers to the commonality or common interest
which attracts those who feel a deep sense toward its fulfilment through
their service. Ah! Now for the wondrous infix...the word in the
middle..."mun" from which we also derive the word municipality. "Mun" is a
contraction of the word "munificience" which means the spirit of giving.
Language is no mistake. It is only taken for granted. And what we have yet
to "discover" (dis-cover) is what we have long forgotten! Hence a
definition of community is...the entity through which we give of ourselves
to serve and fulfil what we hold in common. The opposite of crisis is
community. And it is crisis that calls us into community. In human
history, as in all relationships of meaning the only time we truly
practice munificience is when we feel truly and authentically safe! Safe
to be ourselves...safe to sustain our true selves. We yearn to build what
is safe. And that which is truly safe is that which recognizes and serves
the interconnection residing between us having emerged from within us.
This is why the greater human story at times when it truly lives speak to
a level and demonstration of compassion. The impending transformation
before us is a calling into that dimension of collaboration and compassion
within ourselves and throughout ourselves, our lives, our planet and the
universal dimensions throughout. It is no coincidence that the word
"communication" reveals the process through which authentic community is
built and sustained. Please realize that the prefix and the infix is the
same as "community", however, in communication it is the suffix that
differs "tion" refers to process. Hence, "communication" is a process by
which we give of ourselves (our truths) to discover and serve what we hold
in common.

Anon. (-for the time being;-)

They are very fitting words for this place, don't you think?




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