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Date: 04/07/03

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Dear Organlearners,

Dennis Rolleston <> writes:

>That incident happened 5 years. Some of the work I do
>involves maintaining our quality systems. Due to downsizing
>and pressure of work the opportunities I get be involved in
>such pleasureable conversations are to few.

Greetings dear Dennis,

Thank you for telling us about it in a wise contribution. I enjoyed it
very much.

>He, like so many worker's per se, has always been
>concerned about his abilities, his experience, knowledge
>etc, which in my words, has been trampled on time and
>again by automaton managers parroting the theories of
>the "Technocrats" you talk of Andrew, his "spirit" is
>affected by the automaton way in which so many of
>us are treated.

I felt like a volcano ready to expode when reading this.

One of my friends has a very strking metaphor for it. He calls it "sardine
tinning". The head (the thinking part) and the tail (the driving part) are
cut off so that remaining dead body can fit nicely into the tin, all
bodies cut to the same size. But open the tin and after a few hours it
smells terribly.

With care and best wishes


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