Learning Organisations in Health Care LO30115

From: donal barry (djbarry9@eircom.net)
Date: 04/19/03

Replying to LO29940 --


I simply wished to respond to say thanks for sharing the wesite on LO in
health care, It held a wealth of lnowledges for me as I am currently
furthering conversations in my health service on developing LO concepts
and processes. I have from my own experience foregrounded some ways of
being with people in ind, and group settings . taking an interested and
questioning stance and listening to everyone because they have something
very important to say. This may be in the content of what they say or a
lead to explore the context in which it is said or simply as a reflection,
to take away from the moment and have a good think about.

I have just recently joined this site so am so busy reading the other
messages without much time to respond but I had to feedback to you the
usefullness of your info. Also I have send a new topic to the site on
developing a LO in the absence of systemic players



"donal barry" <djbarry9@eircom.net>

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