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From: Chris Macrae (
Date: 04/21/03

Replying to LO30120 --

Is there any world authority (and website) where one can click to for the
broad truth on which nation's poorest people are in deep misery, and where
the deep misery is increasing?

clearly there are some nations in this category because of rampant health
problems like aids

others because of personal loss of freedoms/safety due to dictators and
wars or racial conflicts ( I believe its true that while many are small
nations - we still have 100+ run by dictators who have more interest in
milking their nation for their own ends than for doing anything for the

some others because the global environment and policy of utility
privitisation and false accounting of globals has ignored the poorest and
their sustainability

But I would like to be able to click to an authority - where there is no
quarrel about the scale of the increasing challenge. It seems we get stuck
in politics of lobby groups and false attempts at precision and mass
media's own agendas that we don't have one space where the ordinary human
being can just see the red lights of where humanity's lot is getting
appalingly worse. Is there one simplest but true web of indicators you
know of?

I ask partly because one of the professional asociations I belong to has
just published a most depressing article which says there is generally no
problem - globalisation is making everything better. I would like the
simplest evidence to refute this- is it 2 billion, 1 billion, 0.5 billion
for whom this transparently isnt so, where are they? and what are the big
poverty variables/causes?

chris macrae,

>From: "Rol Fessenden" <>
> I have similar feelings to yours, Alan, about the choice of words, such as
> 'evil' etc. They make me feel a bit uncomfortable. On the other hand,
> Sadam wins the 20th century prize for 'most Muslims killed,' at somewhere
> north of 1 million, including the war with Iran, war with Kuwait, and then
> his own citizens to make up the final gap.


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