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From: donal barry (
Date: 04/25/03

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Hi Vana,

How interesting is communication! I have been amazed recenlty at the
difficultly of language and meaning, and time and time again forget that
only a percentage of what we say is heard in the same way by the reciever.
However I think in noticing this and voicing the difference brings us to
another level of conversation. If I may use our example to say that in the
words that I wrote on developing a learning org. in the absence of
systemic players I was not thinking of them having to know the theory ,
but was inquiring into processes or practices to facilitate movement in
thinking from notions of the individual being the receptor and producer of
knowledges to being more open to seeing the co-construction of our paths
ahead. Or to move from viewing communication as the transmission of
messages to one that is complex and exciting and in its mystery challenges
us to explore the grammer a little deeper to look at what we are REALLY
trying to say. I saw your recommendation for the world cafe and that
certainly appealed to me.

You ask are people on the ground noticing a change and I think this has
improved significantly in some parts probably mostly at senior to middle
management level- e learning has just been introduced and anumber of
practices might be described as communities of practice. I am less aware
of change among the group who actually are 'hands on' service providers
and I am mostly thinking of developing communication spaces that will
facilitate representation from these quarters plus consumers so that
knowledge can cross the system .by having a wide range of people in the
same room.

What might be the challenges faced when we empower the 'lower' groupings
to speak ?

Imagine running a marathon and when you are 50 metres from the finish
someone changes the rules!!

Compare to people in management currently who have spent 25 years aiming
at a point where their position would ensure that their ideas would be
transmitted down the line for people to simply enact them. But how the
world has changed and now those who can empower others are the leaders.

I see part of my challenge as finding ways of creating excitment about the
importance of empowering others and prehaps existing managers will even be
able to adjust their role -some already have !

And thats only a small part but till the next time

Enjoy the mystery of communication!



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