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From: Fred Nickols (
Date: 05/14/03

Responding to At de Lange in LO30162 --


>When i think of my friend W, he claimed that all positive things he know
>he acquired through individual learning. He came too late to the concept
>of organisational learning because he claimed that all negative things he
>learned through social interaction with other humans. He is extremely
>negative towards the intentions of humans. He just had too little
>"experiences of deeds of love" initiated by other humans, including me.
>His end of the road made me think. What do we have in mind with
>Organisational Learning (OL)? What outcome do we expect from OL? Does OL
>have any lasting worth if it is devoid of unconditional love? Can an
>organisations emerge into a Learning Organisation (LO) when love is not
>the backbone of its capacity for action? What is knowledge without love?
>It is questions such as the above which i lay into your midst.

I do not believe that love will ever find a home in a profit-oriented
company. Larry Wilson, founder and head of Wilson Learning for many
years, reportedly said, "You can love your company until you're blue in
the face but it will never love you back." Loving relationships can and
do emerge and exist in corporate and other organizational settings but
love is not the business of business. Mammon, not Agape, is the god of
the corporation.


Fred Nickols
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