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Date: 05/19/03

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This is a wonderful mail. If only we could all learn to map and listen. I
would love to hear of any more mapping approaches as I am co-authoring a
book whose main theme that is

A few random tours of how maps bring alignment of sight to a group of
people who were probably talking at cross purposes once you get to the
detailed connectivity level any organisation's activities, people
learning, doing processes, and knowledge competences must systemise these
days. Incidentally, we wouldn't be able to travel anywhere without
road-maps so why do we expect people to travel through organisations over
time without any such action learning grid?

Visualisation techniques discussed at:

seemap tools such as at

just getting a commercial artist to take meeting maps (instead of notes)
of what happens during an open space event (or other large group
intervention ).
Mapping the dimensions of change of the world that surrounds your

Its quite risky to run out of cashflow but even more risky to run out of
trustflow. see and how to frame as the leader's
intangibles governance/valuation challenge.
THE MAP of Missing Governance- Leadership Transparency & Dynamic
Valuation of Intangibles & Networks
Macrae (Chris), Mitchell(Alan), Gordon(William) 2003 Wiley URL
Transparency Mathematics is developed around the 5 opposite dynamics to
current accounting . These start every audit with the living system
principle of detecting emerging relationship conflicts - the direct
opposite of transactional accounting's inadvertent compounding of future
risk caused by its notions of separability and past performance. By
mapping the intangible productivities and demand, dynamic valuation
indices can be derived. Today transparency maps explain all the risks
and social-economic growth opportunities that are made opaque by the
systemic diseases that short-term tampering of making numbers at the
expense of trust-flow causes. This work also connects with the future
history shifts of networking economies and societies first published as
Norman Macrae's 2024 Report in 1984 whilst Deputy Editor of The


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