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From: Ellery July (
Date: 05/29/03

Replying to LO30197 --

Thanks for your insights, this discussion and others have reinforced my
belief that learning and success is looked upon differently. The negatives
of having different viewpoints for the same words is somewhat troubling,
but I do live in a chaotic world.

My view is that sustainable organization success is meeting at
intersections. Organizational mission/passion with customer
interest/loyalty (learning helps us maintain this balance). My past
experiences have told me when this is done organization continue to exist
and thrive. The work (how, why, and when) needs to flow from a
organizational strategy. Building a company with great worker/management
relation does not guarantee success or even a great product and I
personally feel that the focus on that is only focusing on the symptoms.

Just my 2 cents and I am not sure it is even worth that much.

ellery july
Director Community Activities and Learning
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The Northwest Area Foundation exists to help communities in our
eight-state region reduce poverty.

>From: Fred Nickols []

>My remarks were most definitely based on my experience, mainly in the
>private sector, in for-profit companies in financial services and
>telecommunications. I also spent about 10 years in a large, non-profit.


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