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From: ACampnona@aol.com
Date: 06/15/03

Dear LO,

At leads us to,
where the last paragraph reads,

"In a letter to John Staupitz in defense of his Ninety-Five Theses, Luther
may have have come closest to the New Testament meaning when he wrote that,
'metanoia signifies a changing of the mind and heart, because it seemed to
indicate not only a change of heart, but also a manner of changing it, i.e., the
grace of God. For that passing over of the mind, which is true
repentance, is
of very frequent mention in the scriptures.' Luther was onto something far
different than the metanoia found in Webster's."

Dear Rick,

You may recall that i sent you, privately a PP file which was titled
'Violent Repentance' (96kb) because of the nature of At's reflections upon
metanoia and Artur de Silva's generous contributions over time here on
that and other subjects i would like it, if you could, to append that PP
file now to this posting, which i am in turn ;-) connecting to At's two
most recent one's on Metanoia,
Metanoia in LOs - Part 1 LO30234
Metanoia in LOs - Part 2 LO30235
and my original posting,
Repent LO30224

(The file can only be 'read' on XP software or more recent.)

[Host's Note: Andrew's file is at


Don't know about "XP or more recent." My Mac OS X opens it. ..Rick]

I have some very old text on 'suprises', 'dolphins' and 'metanoia', but i
have temporarily lost it, i will go have a look ;-)




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