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Date: 06/18/03

"Capping 8"

You'll know dear At, about the dischordality ;-) inhering ;-) at the
micro-levels;-) of all 'great' music, ...that dissonance of the resonance
;-). A little while ago i learned that, in 1923 the Councillors of
Rotterdam demanded that all the bells of the great churches in that City
be retuned. The great conc(h)ord ;-) lasted no time ;-) at all ;-) the
people demanded that it was too 'sickly right', and the bells were
returned to the dischordances that deeper calling affords;-).

Thank you At for, as ever, your appreciative thoughts about my thinkings.

Perhaps love is connected with a 'creative collapse' at some levels?

Just re-found ;-) this from Bertrand Russell. It might bring us all some
food for dissonant thoughts.

"Three passions have governed my life:
The longings for love, the search for knowledge,
And unbearable pity for the suffering of [humankind].

Love brings ecstasy and relieves loneliness.
In the union of love I have seen
In a mystic miniature the prefiguring vision
Of the heavens that saints and poets have imagined.

With equal passion I have sought knowledge.
I have wished to understand the hearts of [people].
I have wished to know why the stars shine.

Love and knowledge led upwards to the heavens,
But always pity brought me back to earth;
Cries of pain reverberated in my heart
Of children in famine, of victims tortured
And of old people left helpless.
I long to alleviate the evil, but I cannot,
And I too suffer.

This has been my life; I found it worth living."

Bertrand Russell

Reminds me of Michelangelo,
"How else am I to raise myself to paradise, but through the contemplation
of beautiful things."

At, what can we say and think about stars?

Love (with a twinkle in my eye;-)



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