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From: Terje A. Tonsberg (
Date: 06/24/03

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Greetings At,

At said:

> I am still perplexed by why you place the 7Es at 3. Please explain again.
> (snip) ..... The 7Es had to exist otherwise i could not
> have discovered them. As such they are for me, metaphorically the
> "roots which feed all evolution". With the metaphor "roots" i try to
> capture how deep down rather than high up they go.

When I tried to make this order of categories I came at it from a
viewpoint of describing the content of creation.

Let me try this:
1. An event is a moment in time. A single, isolated event has no becoming,
therefore it has no liveness at all, so the 7Es do not apply (as a whole.)
2. Bodies (anything that fills space) and their attributes is a moment in
time and space. Still there is no liveness, but the concept of event (moment
of time) is more elementary than (moment of time+space).
3. The 7E are more composed than one and 2 because they don't exist until
you have : sequential time+space. In other words until you have change
(=sequential events or "time") in space.

So the reason why I can't find myself putting "love" in level 3 is that it
takes a lot more than change in space to have love ;-)



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