Flow Charts LO30312

From: Alan Cotterell (acottere@bigpond.net.au)
Date: 06/26/03

Replying to LO30299 --

One of the things I do in my business, is provide management manuals for
engineering businesses. These encompass a policy manual for
administrative, risk management, quality, safety, environment, and
security aspects. They also involve writing procedures.

I find the best way to write procedures is to first take notes on the
process, then derive a flowchart.

My comment that 'if you can't flow chart it, you can't do it' is
defensible on the basis, that if the flowchart doesn't make sense then you
end up in 'crisis management mode'.

How many people do you think actually know the 'big picture' within their
company? I suggest not many know the entire process for delivery of
product, it's optimum sequence, or even the full range of products or
services, the company provides.

Best Regards,
Alan Cotterell


Alan Cotterell <acottere@bigpond.net.au>

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