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From: Mark Spain (mark.spain@bigpond.com)
Date: 06/28/03

Replying to LO30307 --

Dear William and LO

"William Kranjcec" <billhere@in-tch.com> wrote:

> Please advise the steps on how to become learning organization as well
> as its benefits.

My advice (starting with that of Gandhi) -

Become the change you wish to see in the world in your
organisation/community by making every interaction with your colleagues
demonstrate learning behaviours.

Learning behaviours are evident when you authentically and openly inquire
into your own and other people's thinking and actions. You will also need
to explain/advocate your own thinking to others by showing them the
assumptions underpining your thinking, without making them feel defensive.

If you can do this (and also support others to do the same) you will help
both you and them see the difference between your intentions and the
outcome of your actions. By observing this difference, reflecting on it
before you take the next action and continuing to do this you and your
colleagues are learning.

If you can continue to do this with authenticity the benefits are that you
and your organisation/community can create the results that you intend.

See The Fifth Discipline Fieldbook, 1994 by Senge and others for further

Best wishes

Mark Spain
Australia in Winter


Mark Spain <mark.spain@bigpond.com>

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