Flow Charts LO30323

From: Don Dwiggins (d.l.dwiggins@computer.org)
Date: 06/30/03

Replying to LO30268 --

Fred Nickols writes:
>> Flow charts are the oldest of the myriad of graphic notations invented and
>> evolved by software folks to try to visualize programs and processes.
>> They can be valuable, but remember the adage of the bloke with only a
>> hammer. As a practicing organizational learner, you should have a good
>> complement of tools in your kit, and know the strengths and limitations of
>> each.

> What is the basis for saying that software folks invented flowcharts? It
> seems to me they were used by industrial engineers long before there were
> any software folks.

Pure careless haste; I was focusing on the other "myriad" that _were_
invented by software people. Actually, I suspect that even some of them
were derived from, or inspired by, graphic notations of other disciplines.

Oh well, post in haste, repent at leisure...


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