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From: ACampnona@aol.com
Date: 07/09/03

Dear Dan and Heidi, Maya and Freya, Kari and family in Alaska

Dan composed in his, LO and its environmental conditions LO30305

"Living here in Alaska, largely dependent on the internet for information
about the world environment surrounding me, feeling much on the periphery, I am
often challenged to weigh and balance quality of information, multiple pictures
of possible explanation, and multiple ladders of
Snip to
Hello out there, dear learning individuals...Who will ask questions to spark
dialogue about high quality energy"

Hello....hello...North Moreton... calling Alaska...hello...are you receiving

Snip in timeandspace to a few days beforehand;-) (message from Dan's brother
in law)

"Hi Dan,
I assume you're in Pennsylvania with Heidi, so I don't know if you'll be able
to check your mail, but I just got a call from Kari in Stockholm. Evidently
her flight leaving Stockholm to Heathrow was delayed enough leaving that she
missed her connecting flight to Seattle on British Airways. It turns out --
that she won't be able to catch another flight until the 7th of July (Monday).
... SNIP ...evidently SAS isn't obligated to put her up in a hotel over her
layover. Therefore, she's going to have to fend for herself in London for a
couple days. She doesn't have a whole lot of money, but I did give her our credit
card number. It's around 12:30 AM Saturday morning here in Alaska, around
10:30 AM in Stockholm. She just boarded her flight to Heathrow and says she'll
call when she gets to London. My guess is that it's about a two hour flight.
Then what? If worst comes to worst I suppose she can hang out at Heathrow
for a couple days, but she's alone and an inexperienced traveller--not good. If
the credit card works I suppose she can arrange some travel into London and
find a hotel. But--again--she's alone, young, and inexperienced. Again, not
good. Is there a chance your friend, Andrew, can help out here?
[Andrew, I cc'd this to you. I'm Dan's brother-in-law, Kari's father. Do
you think you could help out here? If so, we would be very much obliged.
If anyone can help on this, give me a call
--In a bit of bind, ...SNIP..."

(Is this exciting... or what?;-)

"Hello Kari, we are very pleased to meet you. Hope you enjoyed the ride from
the airport...We've arranged for you to have supper with us at friends and
stay in North Moreton for the next few days.
This is a wilderness Kari ;-) so, be warned...if you go out make sure you
take 'Bucket' with you as protection against predators, local to the area."

Kari and I spent most of Sunday in the garden. My garden is a dangerous place
full of floated ''energy fields'' to which the unsuspecting might succumb and
become the better to be.

Dan, Kari is a learning field all unto herself...both implicate...eyes look
into distance, searching...and explicate, "Andrew, you must tell me
more...more...more..." So I did. I told of At, i told of LO i told of Peter Beamish and
David Bohm and Otto and Jaworski and Picasso and art....when she was soaked
with sun and learning and scents from the flowers i invited her to the
walkingtalkingtable...that where messr's Priebe and Minnigh stood before and we hope
where others might follow...

Of course, there was a moment or two of trepidation...of becoming an artist
in the blink of an eye. What foolishness might follow such an attempt? Well,
the foolishness of a Socrates of course. Or the illumining of the spot reserved
for blindnesses

I took the colours and we decided that complementary orange and blue mixed
into subtle tints of tone (grey) would be right. I mixed and Kari painted. Three
sheets. One (right) side of the sheet was for the greyer. A symbol for our
grey matter, who knows, the left hand side the purer colour mix or red-orange.
(A kind of burnt sienna)...her hands moved over the surface ;-) without
recourse to thinked<>thought...leaving open a space for a thoughted<>think
...;-)...the right hand for the right panel and the left for the left, to assist in the
Bohmian confusion...the faster finer form of attention when all this is wrong
is right and all the is left is right ;-)...then we had it, out masterpiece. A
fusion<>in<>confusion. The surface energised. Two sides of the same coin. The
rounded square.

Dear Dan...i would guess that, little did you think, ;-) when you penned your
lines atop, that your very blood stream might enter this tiny paradisiacal

I have one answer to the question

>Who will ask questions to spark dialogue about high quality energy...?

I will.

It is part in the PP attached. It comes from me, Andrew and your niece Kari,
it comes from her love of learning and the wilderness spirit inhabiting her
bright eyes. We met, precisely, half way on John Donne's map.

She has given me permission from the safety of her wilderness to share the PP
that I created for her and myself.

By the way, dear At ...two days ago I had a 'vision of visions' and so the
work of the last five years is completed.

It remains to be experienced by what purer energy I shall now transform


Andrew Campbell
North Moreton

I dedicate this my part in the PP to the two Iranian sisters, conjoined
twins, who died while being separated just a few whiles ago.

" Child "

[Host's Note: Andrew's PowerPoint file is at


  .. Rick]



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