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From: AM de Lange (
Date: 07/16/03

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Dear Organlearners,

Barry Mallis <> wrote:

>During the ceremony, an elder rose from his circle, approached
>Jung, and said: "The problem with you Europeans is that you
>think with your head first. You must learn to think with your heart."

Greetings dear Barry,

I have heard similar claims here in South Africa too.

I wonder why it is like that for so many Europeans? Which Europeans --
Spaniards, Italians and Greeks too?

My wife has a book on the history of Scotand the past 2500 years. I do not
know whether if is the writer's personal outlook, but that book tells
about the Scots living from conflict to conflict, century by century, more
than two millenia. It made me wonder. Do Europeans who avoid thinking with
their hearts do it in order to avoid conflict? Is it not possible to think
with the heart while also avoiding conflicts? How can it be done?

With care and best wishes


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