Understanding 'The New Knowledge Management' LO30411

From: ACampnona@aol.com
Date: 07/24/03

Replying to LO30397 --

Dear LO,
Just a 'quickie' ...as an American friend I mine puts it.

Would there be any point at all in me sharing in LO selections from about
five hundred years worth of cumulative, cultural, human experience
(documented) of this 'emotional dynamical tendency' toward mutually
shared ''blindness'' to this ..the posited 'NEW KM' as it happened
repeatedly for and even among very open, forward thinking creative
people...say from dear old Michealangelo on to, say Kandinski..., with his
paradigm shaking abstractionisms......here's a taster...

"Everyone wants to understand art. Why don't we try to understand the song
of a bird? Why do we love the night, the flowers, everything around us,
without trying to understand them? But in the case of a painting, people
think they have to understand. If only they would realize above all that
an artist works of necessity, that he himself is only an insignificant
part of the world, and that no more importance should be attached to him
than to plenty of other things which please us in the world, though we
can't explain them people who try to explain pictures are usually barking
up the wrong tree."

When old Pablo invited George into his atelier one day to see the paradigm
challenging Demoiselles d'Avignon, Georges fumed that it was all so many
''broken bottles and shattered violins."

Later, they formed an alliance and went on to co-create other forms of

There's a gap between 'knowing' and 'doing' ...does it have a name?




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