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Date: 07/25/03

Ligh-thearted LO

D'you know how i got here in the first place? What little event of a
serendipitous co-dependent arising nature? Seven years ago --nice number
-- if seven is a 'number' or a 'word'...stop!

Our neighbours then, a couple, were running a small bespoke 'software'
company ...'hi, my names james (all names changed;-) and I run a small
bespoke software company. What do you do?' -- 'Oh, I just sit around all
day watching the world and people in it go by at varying velocities - i am
an artist and i very occasionally paint pictures.' I say that word
'pictures' because when before i have said simply 'i paint' or 'i am a
painter' people would say, 'that is most interesting . my wife and i were
thinking of redecorating our house.' - i also often say the word
'abstract' with the word 'painter' because when I don't and say it then
they say things like, 'oh that is interesting because i would like someone
to paint me a picture of my house.' ...sometimes I used to say...'i am an
artist'...and then they would, wonder, out loud, '- what kind of
artist?...' actually that's a lie because in fifty years (thirty in which
the conversations have happened) people always stop when i say, 'oh, i am
an artist.'

well, i digressed into my navel there didn't i. anyhow this couple went to
hell and back (metaphor) trying to keep their padded tables and chairs ;-)
concern afloat, and then sell it, over a period of years. eventually they
did. To celebrate i gave them a framed picture in blues and oranges if i
can recall and at a party a chap who was 'into Kevin Kelly and 'change
management' said, 'James pointed you out to are an artist, you
might be very useful to society, as it is currently developing.' and i
just thought how nice it was that we had friends who made padded furniture
and they had friends who were in the fruit juice industry. This seamed ;-)
very convivial to me.

i started to talk with people in something called 'human resource' which i
thought then, in the early days, might be an interesting inter-face of
'padded furniture' , 'fruity sauces' and 'people'. i learned gradually to
differentiate the nuances between the spoken and written word...


I have on my desk a pdf from the IBM Institute for Knowledge Based

I reserve judgement in the older and etymologically more rounded, soft,
and juicy my simple mind it has some very, very basic
floors. Only one will i mention.

One: It seems to completely fuddle up the distinction between
''information'' and ''knowledge''. my sense is that it does these by means
of a mechanism implicit to the 'agenda' (money-profit) my deeper thought
is that there is some disengenuosity in this paper...i think the paper and
the strategem behind it are in main part to use 'trust' instead of
'learning' as the facilitator of 'transfer' in such a way as to make any
reader unaware of the the 'complexity' and its possible higher resolution,
through 'authentic learning' by this trick of the hand.

Perhaps LO friends can look at the paper ;-) and see what it contains;-)
You see, to my simply complex mind ;-) i kept getting the feeling i was
being sold a padded table, or a humane, all too humane, fruit sauce -- and
you know, friends, when you get to the end of the paper, not any the wiser
i read these wordlies (that plureal correctly spelled in english for
worldly - though it might take a very lot of living to discern the
difference that (authentically) makes a difference.

I quoth..."to see how IBM can help improve trust and knowledge sharing
within your organization, contact us as or visit our Web
site at" (Trust is Critical) Go, go, go...

I read it and did not bother to differntiate the word information for
knowledge, and reading the word knowledge as information neither added nor
subtracted from my knowledge about either.




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