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From: Rod Sarah (
Date: 08/01/03

Conference Announcement - ANZSYS 2003 - 18-20 November 2003

The 2003 Australia-New Zealand Systems (ANZSYS) Conference to be held is
Melbourne from 18-20th November 2003 is the ninth in an annual series of
Conferences for the Australasian Systems Group. This is a network of
people interested in the diverse field of systems thinking and systems

Planned around the Conference theme of ^”Systems-in-Action^‘, this event
will bring together practitioners, scholars and consultants together . The
organising committee have proposed a number of conference streams related
to Systems Thinking approaches, including Organisational Learning and
Knowledge Management, Action Research, Systems and Sustainability, System
Dynamics, Current University Contributions to Theory and Practice,
Complexity Science, System Design and Systems Methodologies.

Org Learning List members are directed to the conference website for more
information about the Conference, including details regarding its
location, timing and focus. For those interested in presenting at the
conference, there is the opportunity to for formal papers or for poster
presentations on the work that you have been involved in. For those
interested in participating, the list of presentations will be posted on
the website as they are submitted and accepted.

The ANZSYS Conference website can be found at


[Host's Note: I had the pleasure of a beer with Rod Sarah at the recent
System Dynamics conference in New York. Based on our conversation, I'll
bet he hosts a good meeting! ..Rick]


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