number LO30445

Date: 08/06/03

Dear LO

This file (enclosed) grew from a variety of events in a variety of intents
and unintents ;-) and the closing of it is arbitrary, as wasiswill (be)
the opening. the title was going to be along the lines of 'weak' and
'strong' ties...and closing it i noticed the size was set at 911 KB in my

[Host's Note: Andrew's file (900kb) is at:


To use common parlance, and to openly risk what all artists are only too
well aware of from our own long traditions when they speak about their
work in certain modes and conferences;-), i propose there is another
meaning to the title, and if the purpose of art is in just one sense, to
restore the balance between conscious and unconscious, tacit and formal
and heighten its appreciation through interplay then i suggest we have
just entered a new age in which, for many illumined among the few, the
proverbial 'number' is well and truly 'up'.

Maybe something here calls for a new forum, a new 'lodge'. New 'minds'.
New 'process'. Less fear. Less tacit selling and more tacit seeing.

The file will take a while to download - i hope it is as worth it for the
opener as it was for the opener<>closer sitting here.

I have taken a decision, to cease writing here in this format. It is then
up to our host and moderator, Rick to enable a new way for me to go where
I need to go and to remain at the same time or not as he wishes. I have no
longer any view on that as an issue. A while ago i would have. I sense it
is too late for that now, by a country mile ;-)

If i think i have something to express in future i will do so simply by
placing the title of the 'presentation' into the 'body' of the text
'message' and referencing as appropriate the subject to which i am
addressing myself in each case. If anyone cannot access PPt if they write
me private i will recreate it best i can in MS Word.

i hope this makes sense to the few who ever care to read into it, in any
appropriate way.



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