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Date: 08/13/03

Hello Richard and folks,

I haven't written in a while due to many things but I have kept up and
read the list material. I am doing a very exciting project that I would
like to share with the list since so much of what is discussed here has to
do with my approach to things. This is a press release for the first in a
series of concerts and a symposium that we will be giving his year as we
try to cure the tendency for American singers to sing everyone else's
music but their own and thus lose their identity. We call the syndrome
"The Mockingbird's Song." The Broadway people are helping (since they
sing in English) and we look forward to your opinion on this first
project. Here is the Press Release:

Ray Evans Harrell

[Host's Note: Ray, thanks for the update! ..Rick]


Musical Giant Ned Rorem Gets All-American Tribute

NEW YORK, N.Y. -- Broadway stars Marc Kudisch and Lisa Vroman,
Metropolitan and La Scala opera star Delores Ziegler, three-time Pulitzer
prize winning playwright Edward Albee and Schuyler Chapin distinguished
former commissioner of the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs,
join conductor Stan Tucker and Ray Evans Harrell, artistic director of the
Magic Circle's American Masters Arts Festival Biennial for the festival's
premiere concert: "America Honors Ned Rorem - An 80th Birthday Gala," a
black tie evening of opera and song Monday, October 27th, 8:00 pm at
Merkin Concert Hall.

"Ned Rorem is a giant and like all giants he leaves a big footprint," says
artistic director and Native American, Ray Evans Harrell. "With over 600
compositions, including 320 songs and 16 books, he is the musical voice of
America for the 20th century."

Produced by the Magic Circle Opera Repertory Ensemble, Inc., the American
Masters Arts Festival Biennial will honor a different American master
composer every two years. The "America Honors Ned Rorem - An 80th
BirthdayGala" will feature Broadway and classical singers in an evening
of Rorem operas, songs and choral selections.

Marc Kudisch Tony nominee of Thoroughly Modern Millie and Lisa Vroman star
of Broadway's Phantom of the Opera, with Mr. Tucker and friend at the
pianos, will sing Mr. Rorem's opera for two voices and two pianos Four
Dialogues, a contemporary love story with words by Frank O'Hara.

La Scala and Metropolitan opera star Delores Ziegler will sing from her
favorite Rorem repertoire. Edward Albee and Schuyler Chapin will present
birthday tributes to the man Time Magazine has hailed as "the world's best
composer of art songs."

Magic Circle Opera award winners, Beverley Vanessa Hill, Darcy Dunn, Peter
Castaldi, and guest tenor Vale Rideout will sing selections from Rorem's
latest masterwork Evidence of Things Not Seen. The evening will end with a
magical staged reading of Mr. Rorem's first masterpiece, the opera A
Childhood Miracle, book by Elliot Stein.

The Stan Tucker Vocal Ensemble will make its New York debut singing choral
selections from Little Prayers, text by Paul Goodman and selections from
Four Madrigals and From An Unknown Past through out the evening.

Tickets are on now on sale at Merkin Concert Hall.

Box Office: 212 501-3384


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