Intro -- Kristina LO30473

Date: 08/20/03


I am currently in the Organizational Management Masters program at Antioch
University in Santa Barbara, and taking a class on the Learning
Organization. Senge's "The Fifth Discipline" is our main text. We write
reaction papers every week, and the salient question for me is how can we
facilitate the shift in the mind that Senge talks about that is the
requirement for learning to occur. I am particularly interested in our
mental models of interpersonal relationships. We as people exist within a
web of relationships, but we don't always see just how connected we are in
everything that we do, or the implications of every interaction. I really
liked the chapter on openness because it resonates with my perceptions of
life. Openness is a key element of relationships and building
relationships with openness is key to a learning organization. So my
question again is how can one facilitate a shift in the mind to see how we
as people are connected.

I start my endcap project in the fall quarter and would like to explore
that question. I would appreciate any suggestions for further reading,
websites, or thoughts in general. Thanks.



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