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From: Shadrack Lepuru (mwshadl@mweb.co.za)
Date: 08/25/03

Hi, Learning organization readers,

Could anyone who knows or might know the other person who has done a
doctoral research on the "Burke-Litwin Model" please help me. I would like
to examine the study the questioinaire used and/or the research itsself. I
did read the following previous Learning Organization messages:L026513,
LO26505, L026518, L026544, L026553, L026574 and 026578.

Thnks a lot.

Shadrack Lepuru,
Doctorate of Business Administration Student.

[Host's Note: Back in April '01, in LO26518, Sajela Ramsey wrote:

>Try "Organization Development: A Process of Learning and Changing",
>second ed., by W. Warner Burke, Addison Wessley OD Series, 1995. The
>model was developed thru a series of studies by Burke (Bernstein and
>Burke, 1989; Fox, 1990; Michela et al, 1988). The model attempts to
>specify interrelationships of variables to consider in any org, and it
>distinguishes transformational and transactional dynamics in behavior and
>change. It is, however, a causal model and therefore offers a normative
>view --- it predicts behavior and performance consequences --- so it is
>really not a post-modernist model. Ergo, it has some severe limitations,
>contingent as it is. The model actually grew out of a series of
>conferences held at harvard in the late 60's. It's a good framework for
>data gathering and anlysis, as it is fairly comprehensive and includes a
>feed back component within the structure of the model. Hope that helps.

If anyone can add more, please write.

  .. Rick]


"Shadrack Lepuru" <mwshadl@mweb.co.za>

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