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From: Curley, Mary Ellen (
Date: 08/27/03

Dear Friend of Gary Lynn:

As the editor of Gary Lynn and Richard Reilly's wonderful book, I'm
delighted to send you this announcement that it is now available in
paperback! BLOCKBUSTERS is the fruit of ten years of expert research on the
key practices that make a product successful. Pick up a copy today; I'd love
to hear what you think.


Mary Ellen Curley, HarperBusiness


New in paperback.
On Sale Now!
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BLOCKBUSTERS was selected as one of the best business books published in
2003 by Soundview Executive Book Summaries and one of the key management
books published in the world by Manageris Book Summaries of France.

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The Five Keys to Developing GREAT New Products
by Gary S. Lynn, Ph.D., and Richard R Reilly, Ph.D.

More than half of all new products fail in the marketplace. But companies
can dramatically improve their odds of success by implementing five key
practices -- all within their control. Drs. Gary Lynn and Richard Reilly
share the results of a ten-year research study illustrated by the inside
stories of nearly fifty of the most successful products ever created.
Everybody talks about product innovation, but nobody tells you how to
achieve it better than Lynn and Reilly do in their new book, Blockbusters.
Fascinating stories combined with exceptionally helpful advice" - Al
Ries, author of The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding

"Lynn and Reilly offer us the most original and compelling research findings
that I have ever seen on how to make the New Product Development process
- Dr. Philip Kotler, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University

"Great data and wonderful stories. A rich and juicy book!"
- Dan Krupka, former Director, Bell Labs

"Creating a blockbuster product is one of the least well understood
processes in industry. Lynn and Reilly's principles should strikingly
increase the odds of creating products that move markets."
- David Nagel, President and CEO, PalmSource, Inc.

"This volume respects the intelligence of its readers and offers them
insights into proven NPD methods."
- Publishers Weekly

Gary Lynn, Ph.D., was selected as one of the nine leading management gurus
in the country by Business 2.0 magazine. He is a leading product
strategist, author, and advisor to many of the largest companies.
Richard Reilly, Ph.D., a nationally-recognized expert on individual and
team assessment, was a research psychologist for Bell Laboratories and
AT&T. Both are professors at the Stevens Institute of Technology in
Hoboken, New Jersey.


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