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From: fainah (
Date: 10/04/03


I am a Human Resource Supervisor in my org.

I need to help my org to make and take learning opportunities, but when I
make the assesment about learning org in my company, I identify that my
org patchy when it comes to provision of learning opportunities and active
encouragement. The problem as below:

 - In my org, the identification of development need is hapzard
 - My current job has expanded to include additional responsibitlies
 - In my org, when development needs have been identifies, nothing tends
 - In my org, people are discouraged from making decision on their
initiative, witheout first getting clearence or approval.

Please determine and reccomend it.

Thank you.

[Host's Note: Thanks, Fainah, for your question. I created the "Subject"
line based on the msg text. ... Rick]


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