[COMPLEX-M] Complexity and patterns LO30667

From: Jonjbenn@aol.com
Date: 10/07/03

In a message dated 10/7/2003 4:45:30 AM Eastern Daylight Time, amdelange@postino.up.ac.za writes:

> I do not think that the clergy had any allegiance to
> Aristotle's thought.
> Few of them have studied Aristotle's works themselves

Hey At,

The problem was that Christian theology and Aristotle's cosmology were so
entwined at this time. It was a common knowledge that pervaded the time.
The Church was very commited to the Aristotelian world view and used it to
understand and justify their theology, and their hold on society. It was
after all Aristotle's conception of motion and model of the universe that
put earth at the center of the universe. There are some new works on
Galileo, as well as a recent PBS documentary, that bring this connection
out very clearly.

I'll try to find some references for you if you are interested in pursuing
this further.

I totally agree with your distinction of the Church Universal and the
church as political/social organization.

Take care,



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