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Date: 10/09/03

Replying to LO30651 --

My apologies to readers, and to Tony and Mark.

Tony wrote the msg below, then changed his mind (that's perfectly OK), and
wrote me to kill the message before it was distributed. I saw Tony's
request in plenty of time.

But, then I was worked fast, processing the queue, and distributed it

Let's just act like Tony's reply to Mark was never distributed. (On the
other hand, the references Tony mentions look very interesting.)

    -=- Rick

Tony Barrett wrote:

>Mark, et al.
>I have followed this discussion for a while and waited until now to reply.
>I beg to differ with Mark that a lack of certainty is of no practical

...snip by Rick...

>For more technical points, I would suggest consulting Ian Barbour's Myths,
>Models, and Paradigms: a comparative study of science and religion (1974).
>More in line with this thread: Devlin, Keith. (1999). Infosense: turning
>information into knowledge. New York: W.H. Freeman and company Or John
>Dewey's The quest for certainty. Moreover, an excellent summery of
>pragmatism is by Cornel West The American Evasion of Philosophy: A
>genealogy of pragmatism (1989). And most anything by Richard Rorty blows
>away any notion of certainty. Uncomfortable? Sure, but life long
>learning is exciting.
>Best regard,
>Tony Barrett


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