Proposed project: search for learning organizations LO30663

From: Malcolm Burson (
Date: 10/06/03

Replying to LO30648 --

On October 4, Don D. wrote,

> I have a wild idea to propose: a volunteer collaborative project to search
> for and track the progress of learning organizations.

I'm intrigued by this suggestion, even though I have no examples to offer.
But let me ask this: suppose we were able, without getting tied up in
knots, to agree on a set of characteristics; and then accumulated some

What would we hope to learn? do we hypothesize that there are sufficient
commonalities beyond the criteria we used in selection to create some
archtypes, or templates, or genera? If so, what leads us to believe this?

I don't by any means wish to be pouring cold water on the notion. I'd
just like us to consider, before we launch this, how we would identify
transferable or actionable learning as a result of the inquiry.

what do others think?

Malcolm Burson
Director of Special Projects
Maine Department of Environmental Protection


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