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From: Denham Grey (
Date: 10/11/03

Greetings and welcome Jean,

My votes go to:

(1) Gary Klein, "Intuition at work" 2003, Doubleday.

Covers learning, decision making and tacit knowledge from a perspective of
personal strategies. The author takes pot shots at rational theories and
gives many examples of learning and dealing with real life situations.

(2) Von Krogh, Ichijo & Nonaka, "Enabling knowledge creation", 2000, Oxford.

The book explores 5 key knowledge enablers:
* Instilling a knowledge vision
* Managing conversations
* Mobilizing knowledge activists
* Creating the right context
* Globalizing local knowledge

(3) Etienne Wenger, "Communities of practice", 1998, Cambridge

Discover social learning, the importance of identity & belonging, the role
of reification & participation and the centrality of practice.

Good wishes with your quest.
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[Host's Note: In assoc w/ these links...

Intuition at Work: Why Developing Your Gut Instincts Will Make You Better at What You Do by Gary Klein

Enabling Knowledge Creation: How to Unlock the Mystery of Tacit Knowledge and Release the Power of Innovation by Georg Von Krogh, Kazuo Ichijo, Ikujiro Nonaka

Communities of Practice: Learning, Meaning, and Identity by Etienne Wenger (Author)

Cultivating Communities of Practice by Etienne Wenger, Richard McDermott, William M. Snyder


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