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From: leo minnigh (
Date: 10/13/03

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Dear LO'ers, dear At,

> I think it is the teaching which they were subjected to at school. They
> expect variations on a theme, but they do not expect such a way out
> variation ("uitskietter"=outshooter) that it appears as a sudden change
> in the theme itself. They do not expect such outshooters because they
> were not exposed to them and were not taught how to be open minded
> for them.

Perhaps this strange subject serves as something with shoots to all
directions. It started with the weird relationship between the
self-centered proud person and the cashew nut. As you mentioned, the
cashew nut was an outshooter, litterary with its outside shooted seed, and
figuratively linking a person with an exotic fruit.

But I think only few will know that the cashew tree has other unexpeted
shoots. In the coastal zones of NE Brazil, where it is slightly less dry
than the nearby interior I have seen the largest cashew tree of that part
of the world (according to local people). This tree covered an area as
large as an acre (about half hectare). And one could make a small walk
underneath through a maze of strange bended branches. These branches grow
in all directions, also towards the ground and in the ground. I suspect
that there, they prossibly form new roots (I have not checked this), but
anyway, these branches reappear again several metres further to grow in
air again. I guess that tree was far more older than a century. That wild
tree looks completely different from those which one may see on
plantations; there these trees are trimmed in shapes to bear more fruit.
The cashew tree is really an outshooter.

You probably remember At, that I once challenged you to link a penguin
with the succulent plant Adenia. Your clever reaction was the harsh
climatic conditions which link both. That was also an outshooter. Shall we
let the cashew fruit create another shoot: is KM or the New KM (which I
still cannot understand, no idea what new elements, or new concepts are
added) able to generate outshooters?

I really doubt, since the uncountable relationships the mind is able to
make are impossible to be produced by machines.

Could the cashew tree also serve as metaphor for a LO? Has a LO the
quality and ability, and moreover, the guts to generate outshooters, or


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