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From: Vana Prewitt (
Date: 10/13/03

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I think the reference point for Goerner's work is Ken Wilbur. The
perspective is definitely one of holism, and working to integrate our
understanding of human behavior and the sciences across disciplines rather
than by dividing and conquering into siloed specialties as is the norm in

At's comment about healthcare is central to my exploration into Integral
Science. Physicians are actively seeking better ways to integrate human
understanding as it can be used to better support patient health and
wellbeing. We have far to go, but the goal is one that is gaining support
and so I remain hopeful.

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AM de Lange wrote:

>Goethe believed that those who do not search actively for wholeness in
>specifically science and knowledge at large live in a world of illusion. I
>specifically mention Goethe because many Western people think that the
>present post-modern infatuation with wholeness is caused by taking too
>much attention of Eastern religions like Buddhism and Hinduism.
>I notice that you end as usual with
>>Vana Prewitt
>>University of North Carolina Hospitals
>>and Praxis Learning Systems
>My recent experiences in my faltering health convinded me that at least
>here in South Africa our health system is in dire need of a far greater
>sensitivity to wholeness.


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