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Date: 10/15/03

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Dear Organlearners,

DP Dash < > wrote:

>So, as Hal says, there is a kind of action involved in referring
>to the 'achievement' (as in Ryle) that is knowledge. Also, as
>Ryle argues, there is a 'task verb' associated with each
>'achievement verb'. There is something you 'try to do' in order
>to 'achieve'. This indicates, there is some other kind of action
>involved in making the 'achievement' that is knowledge possible.

Greetings dear DP,

When i got so far as the piece which i have quoted, i immediately thought
that the 'task verb' in this case is "learn". Thank you for giving me
another position to look at learning. It is primarily a task which
ultimately ends with an achievement. This is exactly what the concept of a
learning curve tells us.

With care and best wishes


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