Can we overcome corruption with LOs? LO30722

From: Edward W. Rogosky (
Date: 10/17/03

Replying to LO30717 --

Dear LO listers,

In answer to a recent question on the listserver regarding corruption, it
is my understanding that an answer achieved by utilizing a systems
approach is not merely possible but do-able. However, it would involve
the changing of a basic theology, as a secular system might not be able to
achieve the results that a theological system might.

We would need, I believe, a systems oriented theology which could
interface with an existing theology, inclusive of science as well as
theology (cosmology), then by utilizing the tools of scientific analysis
and/or anthropology,sociology or the like, we are then able to come up
with a package which would fit the schema of a LO.

The rub, for religious folk, is that we would need to make this package as
accessable as possible (Type I organization) while moving it ahead to a
Type II organization. Ths is difficult, as we all know, as free will is a
major theological systems component. Yet, with an integrated cosmology,
it can be done.

I await further discussion.

Rev. E.W. Rogosky


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