Contents list for Organization Studies Volume 24 Issue 08 LO30734

Date: 10/27/03

Organization Studies

An international multidisciplinary journal devoted to the Studies of
organizations, organizing, and the organized in and between societies

Volume 24 Issue 08 - Publication Date: 1 October 2003

Organizational Theories of the Firm

Mitchell Koza CEDEP, France and Jean-Claude Thoenig GAPP, France

Rethinking the Firm: Organizational Approaches
Mitchell P. Koza CEDEP, France and Jean-Claude Thoenig CNRS/GAPP and
INSEAD, France

Indifference or Obedience? Business Firms as Democratic Hybrids
David Courpasson and Francoise Dany EM LYON Graduate School of Management,

Organizational Process, Strategic Content and Socio-Economic Resources:
Small Enterprises in East Germany, 1990-94
Arndt Sorge University of Groningen, The Netherlands and Martin Brussig
Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, Germany

The Combination of Strategic Games and Moral Community in the Functioning
of Firms
Philippe d'Iribarne Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, France

A Theory of the Cultural Evolution of the Firm: The Intra-Organizational
Ecology of Memes
John Weeks and Charles Galunic INSEAD, France

Book Reviews

Clark, Peter, Organizational Innovations, reviewed by Jill Shepherd

Ciborra, Claudio, The Labyrinths of Information: Challenging the Wisdom of
Systems, reviewed by Water Bates

Griffin, Douglas, THe Emergence of Leadership: Linking Self-Organisation
and Ethics, reviewed by Janet Borgerson

Czarniawska, Barbara and Guje Sevon, The Northern Lights- Organization
theory in Scandinavia, reviewed by George Cairns

Special Issue on '"Connectivity" in Merging Organizations'

Special Issue on 'The Iron Cage in the Information Age: Reconsidering the
Legacy of Max Weber'

Special Issue on 'Institutions, Markets and Organizations'

The Roland Calori Prize

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