Monash Department of Management sponsors 2003 LO30750

From: tim haslett (
Date: 11/02/03

The ANZSYS (Australia and New Zealand Systems) Conference
Sheraton Hotel Melbourne
18 - 20 November

Our theme, Systems In Practice is designed to build bridges between
theory and practice.

ANZSYS is again being sponsored by the Department of Management. Our
co-sponsors are Monyx and Evans and Peck.

We will have Plenary sessions from David James of BRW, well known
author Dr. Richard Hames and Harvard academic Gabriele Bammer.

We have streams in Organizational Learning, Systems Design, Action
Research, System Dynamics, Sustainability, Systems Methodologies and
current University Contributions.

There will be workshops on Strategy Dynamics, Cognitive mapping, Beer
Game Facilitation and a conversation cafe.

You can register for the conference on our website at

We look forward to seeing you at ANZSYS

Tim Haslett and Rod Sarah
Conference Organizers

Our apologies, if you have received this email before. Like many email
users we have been having great difficulty with our emails. We would
appreciate if you could hit the Reply button when you have read this

[Host's Note: Thanks for this announcement. I met Rod Sarah at this
year's System Dynamics conference where he gave an excellent workshop.
I don't understand the "hit Reply.." request in the last paragraph.
And, for what it's worth, I got a chuckle from the subject line. Who
will sponsor 2004? .. Rick]


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