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From: AM de Lange (amdelange@postino.up.ac.za)
Date: 11/12/03

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Dear Organlearners,

Larry McFarlane < mcfarlane.lawrence@marshfieldclinic.org > wrote:

>At writes ".... let us for now tackle the question "why are
>we living?"
>I cannot say. Miracles happen. We are. Mystery remains.

Greetings dear Larry,

I though i knew a lot about why microbes, plants and animals are
living. But it took me 11 days in hospital to realise that this
knowledge meant little -- the question "why are we living?" is still a
great mystery to me as you so succintly stated.

>Of course an "I" attitude can completely erase any advantage
>the "time-binding" of our predecessors has provided. An "I"
>attitude is the product of ignorance. Ignorance of the whole.
>Fortunately, "by the grace of God", some men, like At, are
>given the gift of a "we" attitude and strive to bind their own
>bit of time to all that has been. i am convinced that our future
>depends on this process. It seems to be "why WE are living".

Laying there in high care unit (some 12 beds in an open plan) gave me
more than enough time to observe wholeness in operation. Physicians
sensitive to wholeness "reached out" to their patients while the
others seemed to be oblivious of a barrier between them and their
patients. The one treating the patient next to me did the following:-
He asked the patient a question and without waiting for an answer from
the patient, he supplied it self. After answering several such
questions, he said to the patient: "You are healing". He did it with
every visit to the patient. He was not binding in the least with his

>At, I am glad you are feeling better and again binding (doing)
>time with us.

Thank you.

Fortunately, you and other fellow learner are not patients whose life
depends on us binding. But for learning it is different. Individual
learning without organisational learning is but superficial learning.
We need each other to explore the heights and depths of life. Like
seeking answers to the question "why are we living?"

With care and best wishes


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