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From: Grady McGonagill (
Date: 11/22/03

Dear Rick,

I want to confirm that I'm offering again this coming year my seminar,
"The Reflective Practitioner: Moving toward Mastery by Building a
Model of Your Practice." I appreciate your participation in the pilot
offering and your encouragement to continue to make it available. I've
learned a lot about how to support others through such a seminar and
am enthusiastic about offering it publicly again. I'd be grateful if
you would pass on this notice to anyone whom you think might be

As you know, the seminar is designed to support anyone working to
bring about individual or organizational change in reflecting
intensively on their practice. The underlying assumption is that
making explicit the various influences on one's practice will lead
both to higher effectiveness and the satisfaction that comes with
greater self-awareness.

The seminar was inspired by my own experience with such reflection in
recent years under the guidance of a mentor, David Kantor, which had a
transformative impact not only on my professional practice but on my
life as a whole. This resulted in the aspiration to create a similar
experience for others.

The next offering will run March 4-5, 2004 through February 24-25,
2005, supported by three two-day meetings in the Boston area. Within
this overall structure there will be readings and exercises, personal
coaching, meetings of subgroups who support one another, and periodic
conference calls. A more detailed description of the seminar and the
underlying rationale are available on my new website,
<> .



McGonagill Associates
41 Westbourne Terrace
Brookline, MA 02446
phone: 617-566-5856

[Host's Note: I participated in Grady's seminar during 2003 and found
it stimulating and demanding. For me, it resulted in significant
insights and adjustments to the way I approach my work. During the
seminar period, I have been much more aware of myself in the world,
continually asking, "Is this consistent with my model? What does this
tell me about my model?" Grady is remarkable in his support and
coaching of the seminar participants. If you are looking for an
opportunity for serious personal reflection on your work, this is a
good place to look!

I'll distribute part of my model about organizational learning
separately. ..Rick]


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