Why are we living? LO30798

From: Mark Feenstra (mark@practicefield.org)
Date: 11/23/03

Replying to LO30790 --

Hi At

Thankyou for your reply. You wrote

>Your "OUR" -- whom does it include? All fellow learners subscribed to the
>LO-list? All humans living today? All humans
>back to six thousand years ago? All humans since the emergence of Homo
>sapiens from Homo erectus? All species (like
>Australopithecus africanus) of the family Hominidae of which all became
>extinct (the missing links!) except Homo sapiens?
>All species of the order Primata? Can we exclude the three great ape
>species (Gorilla, Chimpanazee, Orang-Utang) since
>humankind may be responsible for their future extinction, i.e., they will
>also have become "missing links"?

>Why can we exclude humankind from all the other primata, what to speak of
>other life forms,
>when answering the question "why are we living?"

My "OUR" derives from your "we" :-). So perhaps my answer to your
question must be that my answer to who the "OUR" is must be your
answer to whoever the "we" is :-). To whom do you refer with your

On the other hand perhaps the whole Kosmos (where Kosmos = the
totality of the material and spiritual dimensions of reality) IS
itself the answer to why we are living :-)? Perhaps, in the context of
this Kosmos that plays the Ocean to our wave, each of us lives in
order to come to know directly within ourselves the answer to just
your question?

Naku noa

Mark Feenstra


"Mark Feenstra" <mark@practicefield.org>

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