busyness v. shallowness LO30818

From: Edward Rogosky (ewr51@adelphia.net)
Date: 12/01/03

Dear listers,

I would argue that it is both "shallowness" and "busyness". Michael
Crighton, the doctor turned screenwriter, is first credited with the
term "thintelligence" in the book, Jurassic Park. While the book
itself is fiction, the organizational concepts are certainly relevant
to the discussion.

In the second place, "busyness" is relevant also. Creative people,on
the whole, tend to carry more of the operational load today.This
increased loading lends more to the problems of busyness than almost
anything else.


Rev. E.W. Rogosky


"Edward Rogosky" <ewr51@adelphia.net>

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