Two years after 9/11 LO30854

From: Don Dwiggins (
Date: 12/28/03

Replying to LO30726 --

Jan writes in LO30726:
> I agree with you that Model 2 Theory in Use is some how connected
> with learning organizations, but i do maintain that learning
> organization is a contradictio in termines. Organizational learning,
> coined by Argyris, is more approriated. But i'll let it rest for the
> moment.

I've seen you mention this assertion in passing a few times. I'd like
to hear you rouse it from its rest and exercise it a bit. In
particular, what do LO and OL have in common? What are the critical
differences, such that one is an oymoron and the other not?

Best wishes for the season to all fellow learners,


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