Kathy Dannemiller has died LO30862

From: Richard Karash (Richard@karash.com)
Date: 12/30/03

I received this message on the SearchNet mailing list:

>I want to inform you that I learned today of Kathy Dannemiller's death last
>Friday. She taught me so much about Whole Systems. I will miss her but will
>keep walking in her footsteps to the best of my ability.The last time I saw
>her was in Montreal at the OD Conference October 20002, she had a big smile
>on her face, that the souvenir I will keep of her.
>Au revoir Kathie,
>Jean-Pierre Beaulieu
>JPBeaulieu, Conseil en gestion inc.

I met Kathy at a particularly fascinating event a Chicago a couple of
years ago.

Kathy announced in public that she was ready to offer help to _anyone_
who called her. Anyone. She said only that she might "send you back to
do your homework" first, but she was ready to help anyone.

I thought this was a remarkable position, and resolved to be more
available as a helper and mentor.

     -=- Rick


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