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From: Swan, Steve (Contractor) (
Date: 12/31/03

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I have been absent form the forum for a while, but am now re-engaging.
The question of individual and organizational learning is much like
the chicken and the egg. Which came first? From a scientific point of
view. The answer will come out the egg... after that, the chicken and
after that, the first chicken egg.

In other words, a way of looking at the question of the chick and the
egg as well as individual versus organizational learning is to look at
the system: better yet, develop the gestalt of learning and one will
find both the individual and the organization (here a society can be
an organization). One can not say there is no such thing as individual
or organizational learning. One can only say I can't define it.

Stephen R. Swan

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[Host's Note: Welcome back, Steve! And, reading your post, I cannot
help but share a recent cartoon from New Yorker magazine... The
cartoon shows two figures in bed, lying on their backs side by side
with the covers pulled up. Something has happened and is now over..
One is a chicken, then other an egg. The caption is "Now we know."


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