A very belated thank you LO30865

From: Karen Roles (karenr@tritel.net)
Date: 01/02/04

Hello Learning Org List

Three years ago - in the midst of a spiritual crisis I reached out to
this group with a description of a breakdown in the organization I was
working for at the time.

My message was in response to a thread started by Jack Russell
entitled "Rose Coloured Spectacles" (Feb-March 2001)

I wrote about my challenges and received some incredible responses
from list members....and I never wrote back again.

Now - three years later, I am on my two week break from my HS teaching
job and I have been re-reading old e-mail messages I saved. I came
across the correspondence from this list and I was moved to come back
so that I could say thank you.

If you wish to know the whole story you can check the list archives,
but in short, I left the job/organization I was working for and
accepted a teaching position in my hometown in Wyoming (USA). It has
been a good move and my soul is being restored in a small town, but I
am missing the intellectual dialogue a city affords.

Anyway...I need to say thank you in particular to two people who
responded to my distress in personal and thoughtful ways. They are:
Sajeela Moskowitz Ramsey and At de Lange (who actually took the time
to write an incredible note to me when just out of the hospital
recovering from major surgery!)

Your notes meant more to me than you'll ever know and I am ashamed
that it has taken me so long to say a public thanks!

Others that responded to me with helpful insights were John Zavacki,
Kathy ("Kafkaz"), Ray Evans Harrell, and Winfried Dressler.

Thanks to all of you...if you are still on the list to receive it.

Karen Roles

[Host's Note: Karen, we appreciate your thoughtful note. Many, but not
all, of the people you mention will see your thank-you. ..Rick]


"Karen Roles" <karenr@tritel.net>

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