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Date: 01/05/04

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Dear Organlearners,

Don Dwiggins <> wrote on the
Subject: Knowledge and Information LO30849

>I did look up "death of knowledge", and found some things
>that may be interesting, including a way of using Google:
>The majority of the hits (496 as of today) are about a musical
>piece by Waltari (don't know if that's a person or a band),
>called "Yeah! Yeah! Die! Die! Death Metal Symphony in
>Deep C"; Part 4 is called 'The Struggle For Life And Death
>Of "Knowledge" ' (double quotes in the original).

Greetings dear Dwig,

I have enjoyed your contribution very much.

I have just used Google too and got on the phrase 'death of knowledge'
only 339 hits. I wonder why it is different from the number of hits
which you got?

Last year we had many a dialogue on the relationship between Knowledge
and Information. I am getting worried that we might lose sight of the
great relationship between Knowledge and Imagination. Einstein once
said that "Imagination is more important than knowledge". Many people
think that imagination has to do with fiction rather than facts. But
in Einstein's first three papers on relativity, photoelectricity and
Brownian motion he explored deeper into reality by using his
imagination to connect seemingly unconnected facts!

So i decided to do with Google's advance search engine what you did
for knowledge. The phrase 'death of imagination' gave 409 hits.

>So, I changed the search to ' "death of knowledge" -waltari '
>(the dash signifies "and not"). This cut the hits down to 291.

More than 100 of them refered to a musical album by Penny Rimbaud. So,
like you, my next step was to get rid of them with the search set to
 ' "death of imagination" -Rimbaud ' . This gave 292 hits.

>There were several hits on "death of knowledge management", either
>claiming KM's death or responding to those claims.
>The next search, then, was ' "death of knowledge" -waltari -management';
>this got 254 hits.

In the case of imagination, once getting rid of Rimbaud, the
similarity to your search broke up. I did not find again a repetition
(more than 10%) of references to one single source after working
through some 70 hits. I stopped reading the others. Some sites at
which fellow learners can have a look are:

< >
< >
< >
< >

< >
the phrase
"...the process of learning can begat ignorance through the death of
imagination..." struck me.

< >
is a must! The author begins the article with the following quote:
"The Imagination is not a State; it is the Human Existence itself."
- William Blake

Enough for a day!

With care and best wishes


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